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TVMSC Visit, Presentation and BSU-TVMSC Research Internship Partnership

posted Jan 31, 2012, 10:22 AM by Danny Xu
Invited by Dr. Holly MacLean (Supervisor Principal) and Julie Eckhoff (Student Internship Coordinator) at the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center of Boise Independent School District, Dr. Xu and the Xu research group spent a day at TVMSC on Jan 9, showcasing research, mingling with TVMSC faculty and students and sparking interdisciplinary research interests among the high school students.

We presented:

1. Dr. Xu: Overview of the lab, research and resources; introducing lab members.
2. Andy Coombs: Carbonyl Reductase drug discovery/ Molecular docking
3. Rance Shaw: PEGylated Interferon MD simulation
4. Dr. Nikolai Smolin: PEGylated Interferon and other protein MD simulations
5. Matt Caylor: Fun Computer Science stuff, GPU and Linux programming
6. Aaron Gardner and Rachel Milam: DNA Strand Replacement MD Simulation project

There talks are well received by the students. Some of them showed immediate interest in research internship at out lab.

This visit takes a new initiative to establish a long-term TVMSC-BSU research internship partnership, which will greatly promote high school student development in the STEM fields.

A few snapshot from this visit:

Dr. Xu is chatting with TVMSC students about research, scientific discovery, lab, internship and more.

Andy Coombs is presenting his cool video about AB3 inhibitor and CR (PDB: 1WMA) binding.

Rance Shaw is presenting his finding from the PEGylated interferon project.

Dr. Nikolai Smolin is presenting his analysis results in the PEGylated interferon project. Photo on the right shows the contact map between PEG and interferon protein.

Matthew Caylor is operating from behind the scene, letting the computer talk about his presentation.

Aaron Gardner (Current TVMSC student) and Rachel Milam (TVMSC Alumna) are presenting how they figured out  setting up the initial hybridized configuration in the DNA strand replacement project.