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EVOS LED Light Cube for DASPEI

posted Apr 4, 2019, 10:25 AM by Danny Xu   [ updated May 7, 2019, 2:01 PM ]
DASPEI dye (λEx/λ Em = 461/589 nm). Our EVOS FL system (AMAFD1000) contains these 4 light cubes:

AMEP-4652 (RFP, Ex: 531/40 Em: 593/40) 
AMEP-4650 (DAPI, Ex: 357/44 Em: 447/60)
AMEP-4651 (GFP, Ex: 470/22 Em: 525/50)
AMEP-4669 (CFP-YFP EM     Ex: 445/45 Em: 542/27)
AMEP4660 QDot 585 (Ex: 445/45 Em: 586/20)

FM1-43 479 598
YOYO-1 / YO-PRO-1 491 509
Cy3   550 570
DsRed (Red Fluorescent Protein) 558 583
Texas Red® / Texas Red®-X 595 613

Courtenay@ThermoFisher: The peaks of DASPEI do not fit commonly available filters, but the dye spectra is broad enough that you should be able to use the RFP filter cube with this dye. 

AMEP4652 is the RFP cube that has Ex 531/40  Em 593/40 and is the only cube you have that will work with DASPEI. The RFP 531/40 nm excitation filter will just catch the upper edge of the excitation spectra and the 593/40 nm emission filter matches the emission peak very well. 

531/40 means 531 +/- 20 nm, or 511 -551 nm.  The excitation range is not ideal for DASPEI but there is enough excitation of the dye at 511 to about 530 nm, that this filter should work OK.  The 593/40 emission filter is a perfect match for DASPEI.

The best match, if you wanted to purchase a cube, would be the AMEP4660 QDot 585 cube with 445/45 excitation and 586/20 emission.  Other cubes that could be used are AMEP6470 Acridine orange cube (442/46, 488LP) and the AMEP4666 QDot general cube (445/45, 525-800)