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Is it possible to use a threading adapter (e.g. M25 to RMS) and use a Nikon lens on the EVOS?

posted May 15, 2019, 10:28 AM by Danny Xu   [ updated May 15, 2019, 10:30 AM ]

The short answer is that Nikon and Olympus objectives are NOT typically compatible on the same optical system (there are a few exceptions). The key reason is that there will be one shared tube lens in the optical path. Nikon is optimized for a 200mm tube lens focal length (modern objectives) and Olympus is optimized for a 180mm tube length. So the optical performance will be sub-par for the Nikon objective because the tube lens focal length is incorrect. The other key thing is that Nikon objectives are built on a 60mm parfocal distance (the distance from the in focus sample to the back of the objective), and the Olympus/AMG objectives are built on a 45mm parfocal distance. This will make a HUGE impact if switching between Nikon and Olympus objectives for focusing, since they will always me a minimum of 15mm out of focus, which is a giant length in microscopy. In an automated system, it also creates the risk of crashing, since the software will not know that the Nikon objective is a 60mm parfocal lens.

Some Zeiss lenses can be mixed and matched with Olympus objectives, because they are close enough in tube length. However, one drawback of some modern Zeiss objectives is that some of the optical corrections (like Chromatic Aberrations) are fixed in the tube lens, NOT the objective itself. Olympus corrects everything in the Objectives. That means that a Zeiss objective with an Olympus or AMG tube lens will be inferior optically because chromatic aberration will be more pronounced.